How to find Highlighted text and click on it

Hi, i’m searching an activity or a way to find highlighted text and click on it.
I’m working on a bot that search a part of a text and click on it but, i don’t know how to search part of a text, for this reason i found an other way with “CTRL + f” and it gives me highlighted text but now i don’t know how to click on it.
Hope that someone help me.


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You can try with CLICK TEXT activity where you can mention the text you want to be clicked so that it will click on it

If you want to know the position as a uielement then

Use FIND TEXT POSITION activity where pass the text you want as string and get the output as a uielement

  1. Then pass that uielement output as input to ELEMENT property in HIGHLIGHT Activity

  2. Then use a CLICK ACTIVITY where pass the same uielement output as input to ELEMENT property

In this way it will search first, highlight then and click on it

Cheers @central.light

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What application are you working on? Have you compared selectors from highlighted and non highlighted text?

Hi @Palaniyappan, i’ve already tried but doesn’t work.
Thank u

Yes but don’t have any difference


There is another approach

If you know part of text then use a normal click activity with which click on the rest you want and then open selector editor of that activity

Where replace the other part text with wildcard symbol say for example if aaname has the text value you are looking for then
And ensure that SIMULATE CLICK activity

aaname = ‘abcd*’

Cheers @central.light

I can’t upload the Robot’s zip.
Can i send u the zip file?
'cause i’m going crazy for this.

I have this selector

<wnd app='chrome.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_1' title='Comunicazioni Alunni - Google Chrome' />
<ctrl name='Comunicazioni Alunni' role='document' />
<ctrl name='Allegati:' role='table' />
<ctrl idx='38' role='row' />
<ctrl name='Scarica questo file (2021-11-02 Comunicazione N. 38 (secondaria)*' role='cell' />

Should i replace the ctrl name with the variable’s name and *?

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