How to find and replace the strings in excel

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Here i am doing pdf extraction after extraction the extracted words need to be changed.
For example: Repair is the extracted word, that has to replaced with ABCD
No repair needs to be replaced with Vis_inspection
Files will be changing and data also changing.

Extracted value changing only for one file that too for only one cell.
I used look up range

In this file all 3 fields are no repair replaced value should be vis_inspection.
In other files the fields will be changing.
How to do this please help. Thanks in advance.



Like this how many patterns are there? for eg: Repair ->ABCD.

After extraction you can check the value and if it is Repair, then write to excel as ABCD

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
No repair need to be replaced with visual inspection
Extracted data from file1


How to replace values in excel.
If the extracted value is refurbishment no need to anything, if the extracted word is no repair it has to be replaced with vis_inspection
If the extracted word is repair then it has to be replaced with lim_repair

i used look up range its replacing only single cell.
Please help

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Hi all,

Finding and replacing the strings, i used invoke code activity
dt.asenumerable.tolist.foreach(Sub(row) row(1)= row(1).tostring.replace(“No Repair”,“Vis_inspection”))
Its working fine for repalcing
Repair, Limited Repair, Conditional Repair facing difficulty.
dt1.asenumerable.tolist.foreach(Sub(row) row(1)= row(1).tostring.replace(“Repair”,“Cond_Repair”))
In excel its taking as “Conditional Cond_Repair” => previously the “Conditional Cond_Repair” this cell data was Conditional Repair
I used this expression,
dt1.asenumerable.tolist.foreach(Sub(row) row(1)= row(1).tostring.replace(“Repair”,“Cond_Repair”))
Whereever it finds repair its replacing with “Cond_Repair”.
Invoke wrks.xaml (9.8 KB)

Sample work flow has been attached.
Please help me.