How to fill a dropdown control in APPS?

Hi guys, i want to know how can i fill the “dropdown” control in APPS? In my case i need set several options and link each one option with an action (button) to display any page inside a page container.

Select an option here, and set an event in the button to link that option name with a page created and load in any page container.

But first i need to fill this dropdown to take these values o variables in the event.

Thanks in advance.

@iamjona ,

what is your source of data?


Hi @iamjona,
go to list source. Than add the expression list. And write Fx.List(“Option1”,“Option2”).
Afterwards you can add a rule in your generate button with the expression if to declare different functions.

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@iamjona ,

Check below.


@PeCour and @Arvind_Kumar1 Thanks alot for your help. I was able to progress with that tips.

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