Extract data from PDF into Excel format as shown


I have attached a computer generated PDF, and I wanted to extract some information from it into the Excel format as shown.

As seen, the PDF have 3 rows of descriptions, and I am trying to output them into 3 different rows in Excel file as shown.

Firstly, when I try to use ‘Get Text’ activity, it highlights the entire PDF rather than a specific element.

Secondly, what should I do if I want to repeat the script for another similar invoice, BUT has different number of descriptions.

Hope someone will be able to help us out. Thank you.

I hope that the pdf is digitized format.

step1: open the pdf document.
step3: use extract structure datatable acitivity to extract table data.

can you provide sample pdf doc if its possible

INV0002.pdf (167.8 KB) INV0003.pdf (185.0 KB)


Try with the attached xaml, it may help you. You need to create a folder in your desktop as “invoice” and place the PDFs there. Then run this xaml.

ExtarctPDFtoExcel.xaml (15.1 KB)

Thank you