How to extract pdf multiple line of data into excel sheet

i have multiple pdf invoice data .i could extract columns Names -Name, ID, Date
but remain data is Description ,Vat ,Charges .
it may be 5 lines or 10 line or more in different pdf
how could extract these type of data.

  1. Use Read PDF Text by specifying the file name. The output will be of variable type string.
  2. Do string manipulation to Get all the text starting from ‘Description’ (using substring and IndexOf functions)
  3. Use Generate Datatable activity. Specify properties as
    Input → manipulated string
    ColumnSeparator → “tab”
    NewLineSeparator → Envirnment.NewLine
    Output → variable of type datatable
    UseColumnHeader → Check mark

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i tried but i am getting all are in columns
i attach xaml and pdf ,how can it resolve ?
sampledata.pdf (110.8 KB) tabulat 2.xaml (14.5 KB)

The pdf you provided doesn’t work with direct string to datatable conversion. You have to go with string manipulation or extract table data using regex and generate a datatable.

Hello All is it Possible to read multiple lines (Items) in Invoice which are dynamic in number ?