How to extract the structured data

I want to extract the data from this table like format, but here cv extract table and screen scraping method is not working and by using cv get text also data is not coming properly( u can see the screenshot of output panel).

Could anyone tell any other method.

Use table extraction in modern activities.


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@Manju_Reddy_Kanughula not working

what it is showing?

Hello @Neha_Aggarwal1
Is this data need to scrap from the Website or an apllication?
Try to use the Data table extraction method and indicate the 1st row of an data and Corresponding 2nd row of data.

for this we would do an analysis on what is in general offered as selectors (UiExplorer). Depending on Application Type (Desktop, Java, Web…) we also check for using other UiFrameworks (F2, while taking the selector).

Based on the outcome from above we can look for possible alternates

Try once with CV Extract table.