How to write ExtractMetaData(In Input) of "Extract Structured Data" Activity

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Does anyone know how to write ExtractMetaData(In Input) of “Extract Structured Data” Activity?
Here is the screenshot attached.



During data scraping the meta data that gets generated. Take a small table (if you want t extract structured data) and scrape it using the wizard and see the pattern in which it is generated and you can mess around with the idx attribute if same parent nodes contain the data that you extract are multiples ones.

I can give you an example of work items data scraping.

In the below example _ we have these work items to be scraped

Fromt he image you start the wizard - and here is the metadata for four columns -

Let us say that you dont want the column 1 to be the work item ID but the ‘href’ attribute value to navigate to then you can edit the metadata directly in the following way - after doing the inspect element find the ‘tag’ and the attribute name ‘href’ and as two ‘href’ attributes occur in the same ‘td’ of the table you will have to give ‘idx=1’ so that the actual navigation value can be obtained (‘idx=2’ will give you value as ‘unauthorized’ because that is the value in the page source)

Manually you can edit anything and the script will run and update the values that you get so that you can test for what attributes you ca acquire without going through the hassle of building custom loops.

Bonus - when I change the ‘idx=2’ unauthorized is the value that i get which you can see int he inspect element window too :slight_smile:

Hope this gives you a overall idea on how to write and edit metadata

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PS : Totally on the off chance you meant to ask how to insert metadata in that field then you can build it and pass it as a string variable.


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Thanks for the detailed information. It will help me a lot in future.



Youre welcome :slight_smile:

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