Can UiPath Studio X be able to extract a dynamically changing value of a table from the web?

Hello, is UiPath able to extracta datatable from the web that is also changing in value?

for example.

in this table i have this value
and by tommorrow i have another value like this

will there be no error to this? what will happen? or it this possible?

Hi @Joshua_Ducao

You can extract the table everyday, even though they have changing values. You can use scrapping activity Extract Structured Data in order to achieve this.

Please refer the following doc for more info on this:

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract the table data into a data table variable. You can use the “Next” or “Next page” button to extract data from multiple pages of the table.
Identify the column or cell that contains the dynamically changing value.
Use a “Get Text” or “Get Attribute” activity to extract the value from the identified column or cell.