How to extract PDF Bank statements to Excel

I need to extract multiple pdf bank statement to excel. The pdf have multiple pages. Actually i don’t have any coding experience. I did a Google search for ways to extract the PDF files. I found that Uipath was the best solution for my task. Unfortunately I have no experience in Uipath. Actually I am a disabled person, so I find it very difficult to complete my tasks. So if anyone could help me for this, then I could do my job as fast as everyone else.

I have attached 1 Pdf file and required output file. Please help me to extract data from pdf to excel.

statement.pdf (145.6 KB)
statement.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hi @Aditya91 ,

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Let me try once.

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Hi @ermanoj3101
Thanks for the reply. I am waiting for the solution.

I have tried but getting some issue , not able to find which is credit or debit amount.
Not sure i will make it but if i achieved it i will share it.

You can wait for some other comments.


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ReadBankPdf.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hi @Aditya91 ,

You can refer attached xaml file.

Pass your path in highlighted path.

Note: this code is extracting date and trx description and putting it into excel file.
Try at your end to do remaining code to get other columns value, i will share remaining code once developed.

Ignore previous, refer this.
ReadBankPdf.xaml (7.6 KB)

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