Converting Multi Page Bank PDF (Bank Statement) into Excel File

Hi everyone,

I am trying to convert multi page pdf file (bank statement) transaction details into excel file. I tried using data scraping but it can only scrape the first page. May I know how I can overcome this?

Thank you.

could you please look into the extract metadata property of data scraping activity.
if it has table no/idx then increase the count and try.

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  1. You can use ExtractStructuredData by passing dynamic idx till it robot thorws an exception for Idx that does not exist.

  2. You can try Get Ancestor of your datascraped table selector (idx=1) and find the Children of that Ancestor (filter tables from that for eg : Selector.Contains("role=‘table’)) and use that selector in your Extract Structured Data.

There must be a way to extract Max Idx (table count) which I’m not sure how to do.

Thanks guys! I tried to

  1. loop the pages of the pdf file
  2. for each pages, I change the selector of the data scrap to the following: “”.

This works!

you can give me example about Get Ancestor?

Could you explain in detail please.

Hi Derek,

can you please help me in extracting only table from my pdf or if you have any workflow where you have done the same it can help me a lot if you can share please.
i tried using Datascrapping present under ribbon but its throwing an error.

could you please explain it and if possible attach a sample xaml file.

could you please explain this with an example.

This is one way to convert PDF table to excel

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