How to write extracted Data from multiple Webpages into different sheets of one Excelfile

Hi Uipath-Community,

i am a beginner at Uipath and need your help.
I would like to implement the following automation:

  1. open webpage
  2. exctract all Links in a data tabel using Data Extraction
  3. open each childlink, which containes some fixed keywords
  4. exctract a defined pattern, using Data Extraction
  5. save the extract data from each link in separate sheets of one Excelfile

I did some work, but im still not able to save the data in the separate sheets. I do not know how to genrate new sheets for each link and save the data.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

Screenshot of step 3-5 is attached:

This is the Screenshot of step 1-2.

Hi there @freds

Welcome to uipath community.

You dont need to explicitly ‘generate’ new sheets as any write range activity will check if the sheet exists and if not it will generate automatically.

Also, you can declare different data tables for each sheet and then assign them in the write range activity so that certain sheets have their own data-tables.

Data scraping must be fairly easy as you have the option of scraping the hyperlinks also. If not you can also explore find children activity. Go through the links and you will get a fair idea on how to leverage it for ‘child’ links also.

In data scraping you can make use of the meta-data also to tailor the script to your needs that loops through child links and main headers. You can take any avenue, that feels easier.

Hope this helps, do get back if you still have issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

thanks for your quick response.
How do i declare the different data tables within the “For Each Row”-activity? Which activity do i have to use?

Main.xaml (17.6 KB)

For every ‘data scraping’ activity there is an output panel in the bottom right corner where you can assign the data table to a dt variable.

In the variables pane YourDt=new will suffice.

I already declared the datatable to variable, by naming it “ExtractDataTable_text”. But it still doesnt write anything to the excel file. I even tried to fix the problem by implementing a counter above the write range actvity( see screenshot), but still no sucess.

Unfortunately, I still have no idea why no data is written to the excel file.