How to extract info from email and paste it into notepad

hi friends is there way that i can extract info from an email and then paste it in notepad or the same note pad file by getting rid of the last info on it. please provide process workflow if possible.

Hello @Shazid_Rahman

Which email activity are you using? You can get the emails using the get email activities and then read the body using the email object.

Then you will get the body of the email as a string. Then you can use regex expressions to split the data and then use Append line activity to write it to the text file.


If you are using, for example, IMAP… you can read the emails, do a for each for each one…
and for each “item”, write text file activity.


Hi @Shazid_Rahman,

First of all, try to implement it by watching the video, if you get an error, please share it with us.