Extract data from Notepad and send to email

Hi Fnds…im new to UIPATH
i have a doubt in extracting the data in Notepad…
if im having n number of lines in Notepad and want to extract the data whoch is both data is dynamic and static…
for example 12:55:00(time is dynamic) and beside data is static…
how read the above data which dynamic and staic…

Plz guide me fnds…


You can use the following activity to read the text from the notepad file.
The output will be saved into a string.


You can use string manipulations or regex expression to find the data from a string depending on your search pattern.

Karthik Byggari

can we do notepad activities by using hotkeys…search particular string in the notepad…can u shareme the example…how to write in state machine

You can read all the content using ReadTextFile activity and using VB Script you can find the specific string


hi sishi…

can we use string.split activity in Notepad…

Hi @venkateshtangudu

Use the Read Text File activity (mentioned by @KarthikByggari ) and get the data onto a string variable. Using this variable you can use the split function without a problem.

hi Lahuri,

thanks for your comment…
i don’t know how to use string split functionality…can you help me with sample code…for Notepad activity.
if possible snapshot…

HI @venkateshtangudu

Check the attached screenshot… It should help you figure it out :slight_smile:


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