How to extract data

Hello guys,

I have to extract the value under “Email”. But the problem is I don’t want the “NA” value . I have to extract the proper emails.

Images are given below-

Can you tell me how to do it??


Can use Matches activity, with email regex can extract all the mail id as a collections.

@nithyac ,

what should i write in place of “Input”??


Input to the activity must be string, may i know input format i.e., its been read from application/document

I have to extract all type of mails consists of various domain.

Kindly clarify that the input content “Registered” details is obtained from pdf document or any application

It’s a web page .


Thanks. Use Get text activity to extract text content from web page, the output of Get text will be string, Pass this variable as input to matches. Check the outcome of get text activity as it contains email or not.

Hope this may help you

No. It doesn’t contains email.


Actually i couldn’t able to understand your reply. With assumptions i will give you some suggestions,

  1. To extract a text from webpage can use Get Text/Get Attribute Activities, the outcome of these activities will be String.
  2. By using Matches can use the predefine Email regex expression to get the mailid’s available in the input string as a collections, the out come of the activity will be collection of matches outcome, can view the individual values by calling

If you can’t able to find solution, kindly share error screenshot.

@nithyac ,

I am sharing a screenshot. The problem is when the bot is started to execute it didn’t show the email part in the message box. It goes to the next page automatically.


If you are using the Get Text then check the output variable of the Get Text use Log message and check what output you are getting

I hope you are getting the only email id, so why are you using matches again?