How to extract hidden web text

Hi All,

I am trying to extract data from a website, currently I am using the ‘data scraping’ tool in Studio. To get all the information, I need to expand the field part and the extra data shows up.
(I had to remove some critical information, so I filled it with ‘text’)

Above is the default view, I can use the 'data scraping tool no issues. This will most of the data, however there area 2 parts missing, so when I expand them, it looks like this:

The bits of data are AGED and to the right of it the green icon there is text there.

If I have both of those parts expanded I can scrape the information, however when we load into the page by default it doesn’t have expanded view open only the compact view. Because of this the ‘data scraping’ tool doesn’t get the AGED and green icon data.

In the website code below, the AGED and extra data is there (yellow box)
The red box is the default information that I can already get, I would like to know how can I extract that yellow information without expanding that list because the data is in the code.

Thank you for any help.

we can see that the div with the class more details is hidden (display: none). But we can formulate a selector anyway.

give a start on <webctrl tag='p' class='age' /> along with one or more valid parent selectors.

Another technique in order to retrieve the selector is:

  • using uiexplorer
  • indicate an element nearby to the hidden div
  • locate the hidden div / p element within the visual tree (left side in uiexplorer)
  • right click - select: set as target element