How to extract hidden text from a web page where the text is available below a arrow drop down.Without selecting the arrow button how to extract the text?

In this image, without selecting the highlighted arrow mark can we extract the hidden data and if yes then how?

Hi @lipshabkp100

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You can try with Get Full Text activity

Check out the docs


Get full text is working when the arrow is selected and text is visible but I want to extract without selecting the arrow mark.

You don’t need to click the down arrow @lipshabkp100

It will extract the text inside the arrow



when URL is public then please share it

when text is present within the webpage but display is set hidden (e.g. CSS) then we have a chance to retrieve it without icon expand click. But depends on details that needs to be checked

I have tried to extract but its giving selector issue.

this can happen in RnD. so now show us some more details about the structures when it is expanded and when it is closed

Please take a note from above also:

Hello @lipshabkp100
Did you try the find children activity? Not sure whether it will work or not, but you give it a try.


The URL is not public thats why could not share the exact link but similar type stucture is there .
If we will search then you can see the below structure (i.e People also ask option).