Extract hidden HTML tagged values from website while performing Data Scraping through Wizard


How do I extract all the tag values of key_skills_skills (as shown in the pic) , which came when I clicked on inspect data. I want to extract this data suring data scraping using a wizard

can you share some scrrenshot on how the page is visually looking e.g. for this list.
is the data loaded from javascript when the list item is hovered?

I need to right click on the left frame and select ‘Inspect’ to get the script. Please refer to both the pics below

Basically i need to extract the keywords on the right frame based on what i click on the left frame

is my understanding correct: you click left side on the job offer then right side the list with skills is displayed?
In that we would expect that in uiexplorer you would see the elements with the values (li elements). Can you check?

You assumption is correct, When i went through the data scraping wizard, i just clicked on the left side and extracted data. i was unable to take it from the right side.

For what data extraction I have done, I am unable to view li elements in UIPath.