How to extract flowcharts as images, automatically


Does anybody know a method for an automated extraction of images for each flowchart/sequence/state-machine within a UiPath project? I know its possible to manually open each file, right click and select “Save as Image” but i’m more interrested in a command based solution.

Perhaps someone know an xaml interpreter suitable for the UiPath xaml files?


XAML files are basically xml files; hence you will have an xml node for each activity / sequence with all the relevant visual info (position, shape, type_ as child nodes or attributes. I am not sure if there is a specific xaml interpreter for this but if you have some .NET knowledge you can build your own drawing mechanism…


apply UI Automation on top of UiPath Studio. Save As Image for each .xaml within the project.


Is there a shortcut to collapse all sequences/flowcharts in a xaml?


Don’t think so…

keyboardmappings.xml (11.7 KB)


Yeah, I don’t see it. How to perform Universal Search? Ctrf+F doens’t do anything(want to search entire project) or am i missing something?

 <KeyboardMapping xmlns="">
      <InputGesture xmlns:ctl1="" graphid="26">
      <Text IsNull="true" />