Xaml visio mapping

Hi there

I am looking for some help and guidance on this project.

I want to try and extract activities from .xaml file and map it into visio mapping.

Example: if .xaml contains 3 sequences i would like to extract that Into visio mapping process to get a picture like flowchart.

This is ment to be used on a lot of Old robots without nescessary documentation.

Anyone able to help me see where to start? :slight_smile:

Hi @JDK,
By navigating to Orchestrator -> Processes you have ability to view whole process with details. Maybe this will help you.

Hi Pablito
Thanks for your answer.
I dont Think i have explained myself proberly. :frowning:

I have joined Company with many robots without documentation. My boss wishes a robot that Can create a flowchart presentation of the robot xaml file.

Hmm in that case I donโ€™t think I could help you. We have product which can help to built process and export PDD of potential project automation but there nothing you can do for existing project. Anyway you can still use this Orchestrator Processes overview to grab some data from existing processes by robot and present what you have there :slight_smile:

Its fine mate. Thanks a lot for your answers.
Do you happen to know if the outline Windows in uipath Can be extracted somehow?

Could you precise which Windows do you mean exactly?

When looking at Uipath program - bottom Right side
There is a โ€œWindowโ€ valles Outline that basicly shows what i needed :slight_smile:

I think it is doable but requires from you to grab the data having two Studios opened. One where you will have project opened and second where you would like to catch the data.

I Think you are right. Thanks a lot - have a good weekend :slight_smile:

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