How to create vsd flowchart (Mircrosoft Visio) from UiPath xaml



Is there a way ?

Vyshali C R


I think @Teodor_Hoaghea would like that! However, I don’t believe this is possible, the other way would be much more useful! :wink:


I tried file conversion from xaml to vsd. But no luck.



I’ve never tried it, but I will investigate if this is possible.
@vyshalicr Can you please tell me why is this important for you?



Hi @Teodor_Hoaghea

I would want to showcase the process to high level folks. In .xaml, there is going to be a diagram (say sequence/flowchart/state diagram) inside a diagram for complicated processes. Therefore, representing in a single .vsd flowchart will give an over-all process flow in user-friendly way.

Please do the needful. :slight_smile:

Vyshali C R


Hi @Teodor_Hoaghea

Have you made any progress on this subject? It would be very useful like @vyshalicr said, to show non-technical people what it is all about.


Hi @kinive

Thank you for letting us know such feature would be useful to you. We will look into ways to implement it.
It might not make it into the very next release, but will be on our roadmap :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the only workaround I can think of would be to create a custom process/component that would take either the xaml file or the Excel output from Studio and convert it into a flowchart.