How to extract data from image file

hi all… I would like to extract data from image file or photos which is located in the system… how to extract the data by opening the image for ex… pic1 file path is c:/pictures/pic1.jpeg

Hi @Sunitha_Bist,

In order to open this file, you could try the following code. Once you have it opened, you may check if it’s opened by using the Image Exists or Element exists activities, it will rely on which computer graphics app it will open.


Hi acaciomelo
Tq for your response and I tried the same example but problem is with image exists element. it takes so much of time… is there any reason for it? how do i reduce the time

Hi @Sunitha_Bist ,

Actually UiPath indeed takes some time to check if the image really exists, that’s why it’s recommended to use the Element exists since it’s faster. However, you could try to change the TimeOut property, then the interactions inside the Do while activity are going be faster, please give it a try and tell us.

Hi All,

I am trying to extract data from multiple image files(.JPG) which are located in the system and trying to write that data to one single document by getting data from all images.Can you please help me on achieving this.I first tried to do it for single image by using screen scraping but so many junk values are getting populated in the result.

hi im aslo same problem .do slove this problem.can u help me

Hi guys , can someone please give us an approach to go about this problem.
In my case , I want to read the table from an Image and store the Table data in Excel. This data is used for processing further.

@PrankurJoshi any pointers?

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Check out this: