How to extract a specific column in Excel

test.xls (9.6 KB)

hello again im here with a new challenge in that excel i want to take the row colored in yellow as its the sum of the values above it . can someone help ? im extracting the data needed to another sheet btw


The workbook you have shared has some issue, please check that.

Also try to share it in the .xlsx format instead of .xls

Hi ,
Use excel application scope with read range to take the excel as output into DT ex:DT1

Use start process activity to open the excel file by giving file path at workfile property of the activity

Now use For each row of DT1
Inside for each row body
use Get cell colour activity
The cell number value you can give as “A”+DT.rows.index(row)+1

Take the output into a variable ex:Cellcolor
Now use if condition
Cellcolor.tostring = yellow


You can use add datarow to copy that row to another Datatable
Or copy the data row values into entire string

sorry for the inconvenience but the yellow shading are just for claryfing for you to understand what i want to extract but they are not there in the real sheet
if it was colored i `d have made them long time ago

Hi , Please share the Workbook again , as the previous one is not having Data and issue in opening
Please create it as .Xlsx and share

test 0.xlsx (13.8 KB)

as i said earlier i want to extract the 3rd col. which is the sum of the values of the same agent above
thanks for replying man

thanks guys i`ve solved it a while ago this thread should be closed
thanks for your fast support guys <3

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Hi @omarmohamed93 ,

Can you help me to provide the xaml you have created ,I have similar kind kind of task required.
Appreciate your help.

what task exactly you want to do ?
i will provide you with the xaml you need

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I have an excel sheet with different cells colored with yellow,blue and green.
I want to separate them in different sheets based on the color.
Thank you for the reply @omarmohamed93

my xaml does not contain any coloring :frowning:
i didnot try to filter with the coloring sorry but look for what vinay_reddy replied above

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Thank you @omarmohamed93

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