Extract specific columns and values

Dear Master,
Please help me on below scenerio.
I have “Raw” report and A excel template(“SpecificColumn”) which will contain only column name.
i need to extract the information of those columns only which is mentioned in the excel “SpecificColumn” sheet from Raw report.

i have attached the excel file with sample output
please help. Input&Output.xlsx (16.1 KB)


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Hello @Sonia_012 ,

you can write LINE Query for that

outDt.AsEnumerable().Select (function(row) row(“yourColumnName”)).ToList()


m not sure if i understand correctly… do i need to take my column names into one variable ?
and do i need to do this inside for each row ?

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  • Read excel - Specific Column as sheet
  • for each row
  • use this within the loop rawDataTable.AsEnumerable().Select (function(row) row(“yourColumnName”)).ToList()
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m Sorry m new to this, m not able to get the proper output with this method…
possible for you to share sample xaml file ?? i have attached excel for reference…

can anyone please help me on this…

i have used counter for specific column sheet… and in assign i have passed awDataTable.AsEnumerable().Select (function(row) row(“yourColumnName”)).ToList()…

as i am getting counter i am getting the values columnwise one by one…
how do i pass on to datatable?
also there is no header how do i add header

please help

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Sorry for the delay, Can you explain me your requirement?

Check this below workflow, @Sonia_012
Uipath_GetSepcificColumns.xaml (6.4 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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