How to extract a list of text (1 column only) from each row from different table


My use case is to extract a list of text from a table and this will loop and check different pages for the their table.

I tried data scrapping but it only worked for 1 page (1 table). Since I have many pages and table to loop, any ideas how to retrieve the text?



Can you please share some screenshots explaining your requirement?


Hi @sophiey

Did you try with the extract table data activity? it will allow you to select the button to move to the next page, this activity will retrieve all the pages in the same datatable

Here is an example


For example, I have a list of projects (in web). In each project folder, i need to check the list of documents uploaded. So how do i loop and locate the table element in each project folder and retrieve the text of the document for validation. I have Project 1, 2 , 3 and so on…


Is those are hosted in OneDrive / Gdrive?
If so you can use those activities available in UiPath

If not then try to search some api’s where you can retrive without opening the webpage itself

Suppose if you don’t find anything then you have to go with table extraction

As above is in the list, First scrap the list of projects in a datatable and loop inside to get the list of files

check the selector as well to loop

Hope this may help you



I believe you can extract this as a list of records using Export option

Check once whether there is any option to extract that as a excel report so that the work of extraction gets reduced there

But if you would like to know on how to use extract datatable with an example would recommend to have a view on this doc

Cheers @sophiey

Hi @sophiey ,

You can use ‘Read PDF Text’ activity from UiPath.PDF.Activities package.
You will get all pages table data as text on which you can use regex for getting table rows.

Let me know if you need any help on regex.


I was able to extract the list of files and their name, my problem now is how to use the same piece of code to check for files in multiple project folder (sharepoint)


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Hello @sophiey

You have to switch the Studio to Modern Design Experience there you will find “Data Scrapping Wizard” which is used Extract Values for all the Pages. When you use that it will ask you if you want to extract data from the Multiple pages or not. If yes it will ask to navigate the “Next” button for extracting data from multiple pages.


Did this video on similar topic helped on this issue

Cheers @sophiey

thanks for the tip but due to organisation’s policy, we are using lower version of UiPath, cant download sharepoint package.

So now I’m thinking to use dynamic selector to replace the different project name. did i use correct syntax here?

Yeah looks correct provided the first part of that attribute alone is dynamic


I want to use summary attribute “TEST” inside the selector editor. which webcrtl i use assign?

<webctrl parentid=‘xxx’ summary=‘TEST’ — is this correct?