How to capture data table from multiple word files/web table?

i’ve successfully capture data table by using data scrapping but realized that this is not working with multiple files/tables(same structured).

Use case - go through every records and each records consists a set of IDs, every set of IDs are different but its in a fixed format - 1 column.

Hi @sophiey,
Can you please elaborate more did you mean that you have more than one table and you want to get data for all of them or you have one table but you can not get all values also if it available to show us an example it will better :slight_smile:

Hello @sophiey
Kindly Share some more information screenshots to understand. It will help us to provide better solution for you

Hi @sophiey ,

If you are facing issues in Extracting Table data from Word File, Could you try checking the post below :

The workflow in the above post contains an Invoke code Activity, which should be able to collect all the table data in the form of Datatable set.

We could then work on filter operations if the table is being extracted properly.

Let us know if you were able to get the Invoke Code Activity to work.


Try using for each ui element to loop and click on every no of records column value…and also after click you can use extract table to get each table…

In the extract table make sure the selector is generic so that it can be used for each table after click