How to extract opened page specific data page wise when multiple pages are there

I have 10 pages .From each page i need to check & extract specific “A” type items.I need to open 1st page ,check & extract .Then open 2nd page & extract and so on for all pages.
Now i am getting as opening all pages from 1st page & extracting Then openind from 2nd page & continuing for all pages.Then repeats from 3rd page.

Can anyone guide how to solve this?

You can extract all the pages at once using Data Scraping Wizard. The output will be saved in Datatable.

Once you are done with the scraping the data, you can filter the data by specific items using Filter Datatable activity or DataTable.Select Method in the Assign Acitivity.

Still if you want go page by page,

Then you have to use for each loop with a dynamic selector to go the particular page.
Scrape the data using Data Scraping Wizard. The output will be in Data Table.
Apply the filter as suggested earlier.

If you want to add each page data to one single datatable, use Merge Datatable Activity.

Karthik Byggari

tried that way.thanks.Will try once again

When i scrap the data from the web page, i’m not getting column names in to the data table, how can i filter without columns headers. here is the selector of the data scrapping ,please help.