How to export data from Orchestrator Queue

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I want to extract the details/data from Orchestrator queue for one month as a report. can anyone suggest how to do that?

Hi @divya.17290 ,
You can do this by using the /odata/QueueDefinitions(QUEUE_ID)/UiPathODataSvc.Reports
GET for$top=1000&$expand=Robot,ReviewerUser&$orderby=Id%20desc
check more detail

I can export the CSV file from orchestrator Queue but it has json values , how do i get the proper string format

Hi @divya.17290

If you’ve exported a CSV file from an Orchestrator queue, and the data in the CSV contains JSON values that you want to convert to a proper string format, you can use UiPath to preprocess the data. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Read the CSV File:
  • Use the “Read CSV” activity to read the CSV file into a DataTable. This will allow you to work with the data in your UiPath workflow.
  1. Process JSON Values:
  • Iterate through the DataTable to process the JSON values in each row. You can use a For Each Row activity for this.
  1. Convert JSON to String:
  • For each row, you can use the “Deserialize JSON” activity to convert the JSON value in the specific column to a string. Here’s how to do it:
    • Use the “Deserialize JSON” activity.
    • Set the JSON input to the column that contains the JSON value in the current row (e.g., row("ColumnName")).
    • Create a variable (e.g., stringValue) of type String to store the result.
    • Set the Result property of the “Deserialize JSON” activity to stringValue.
  1. Replace the JSON Value in the DataTable:
  • After converting the JSON to a string, you can use an Assign activity to replace the JSON value in the DataTable with the stringValue variable. For example:
row("ColumnName") = stringValue
  1. Continue Processing and Exporting:
  • After processing all rows in the DataTable, you can continue with any other data processing or export tasks that you need to perform.

By following these steps, you can convert JSON values in the CSV file to proper string format within your UiPath workflow before further processing or exporting the data.



Data will come in the json format only…we need to extract them separately

If you dont want like that…then try using get queue items activity or api end point …that should solve


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