Is there an activity like get queue transaction record from orchestrator?

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Instead of doing below
Orchestrator > Folder > Queues > View Transactions > Export

Is there an alternative way to get the same transaction report? (e.g. by using UiPath activity?)

Just like we need not to go to orchestrator to find asset data manually, we use Get Asset activity.


Hi @mlellison

You can do this by using the /odata/QueueDefinitions(QUEUE_ID)/UiPathODataSvc.Reports endpoint.

GET for$top=1000&$expand=Robot,ReviewerUser&$orderby=Id%20desc

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Hi @arjunshenoy

Thanks for the quick response, let me try this out!

Say in Queue A, there are some transaction record created previously, and today i run the same queue and generated some new transaction record, is it possible to get only the new transaction record (only records for those items that have just performed an action)?


Yes. Either you can filter the report directly to group the ‘New’ transactions or you can introduce a filter directly in the endpoint something like this:

url = "https://<orchestrator_url>/odata/QueueItems?$filter=Status eq 'New'"

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Actually you have an activity for this get queue items …which does the exact same job and it has almost all filters you need available in the properties

This will give a enumerable of queue items variable we can then write the required data to excel using for loop

Hope this helps


To those who want to learn how to get any data from orchestrator without manually clicking on it, you may find this video very helpful

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