How to export Queue data from Orchestrator without logging in to Orchestrator?


I was curious to know if anyone has been able to export queue data from Orchestrator without having to login and manually click the “Export” button. I have a case where it involves REFramework and I’m curious if there’s an activity or something I can use to extract this data for a colleague and myself.

Any insight is appreciated.


Hi @aherlong

You can use Get Queue Items activity in UiPath. From the output of this activity you can manipulate the data into data table and write it in excel file.

Get Queue Items (


Hi @aherlong
You can use “Get Queue Item” Activity but that you need queue name.

You can do this by using the /odata/QueueDefinitions(QUEUE_ID)/UiPathODataSvc.Reports endpoint.

GET for$top=1000&$expand=Robot,ReviewerUser&$orderby=Id%20desc


That should work. Since the output is IEnumerable, how would I convert that into a data table to export to Excel?

Interesting…could you tell me what API you’re using to send the GET request for the queue data? Do you also use a code generator for the API code itself?

Check these endpoints from your Orchestrator Swagger documentation

If you need to see some examples, you can use the Inspect tool from your browser to inspect the back-end Rest API calls in your Orchestrator.

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Thanks! This is really helpful.

So, I was able to grab the Queue Items from my queue using the OrchestratorHTTPRequest activity and save it as a JSON string in my robot. Would you know how I can convert the JSON string to a data table?

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For “Would you know how I can convert the JSON string to a data table?” open a new thread post after you look in advance in the Forum history.

For example you may find a such post: Convert critical Json To DataTable - #4 by Gokul_Jayakumar

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Got it. Thank you Marian for your help. I’ve marked your original response as the solution to my original question and will look into the post you’ve shared with me on the JSON portion.

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