How to export an excel file from a datatable?


I have a datatable that I would like to export to an excel sheet. Which activity does that ?

You can use Write Range Activity and pass the datatable as the input.

This doesn’t work. I have no error in UIPath and still I don’t see any exported excel file in my project’s folder. Is it that normal ?

please attach workflow

I cannot attach the workflow because of my company’s privacy rules. I tried with a simple workflow that hasn’t anything to do with the first, and still it doesn’t work…

Hey @Obee

will you please only share two parts or may be screenshot of that activity from your workflow?
and you are passing any path? to write range activity? or if not then in the same project folder the same name file already exists?

because with this activity if no file exists with that name then it will create a new excel and then write it and if you will supply only name then it will generate that file or write into the exists file.

try with excel application scope.

actually we have two write range activity one is for excel another one is work book.

Make sure if you use excel write range u should use excel application scope otherwise use work book write range activity.

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Thank you for your answers. I resolved my problem, I had to initialize the WorkbookPath.