Write From One Excel File to a New File

I am not familiar with these new Excel activities. How come I can’t read a sheet from one excel file and write that data table into a brand new excel file? Ignore the file paths, I shortened them to remove confidential information.


Hi @jpreziuso

Follow the below process. It will help you.


In this scenario, what do you put as the destination for the Write DataTable activity? Because if you use the same path referenced for Use Excel File, it gives an error.


Do you want it to write to same excel different sheet or into a new excel. Please specify.


Entirely new Excel file/sheet

Hi @jpreziuso

Try below process

Hope this helps!!

In the first Use Excel file you give the input path of excel and read range and store it in an data table.

In the second Use Excel File you will give the path where to write the excel and in Write DataTable to Excel activity give as below:

What to Write: Datatable variable
Destination: Excel2.Sheet(Sheet1)


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