How to explain my process

I have a UiPath process roughly 1 page, can someone explain in detailed how and why each part runs etc


@superpunchypp ,
Could you please share you source? After check it, we can setup quick meeting online to review it step by step.

yes @superpunchypp , hope it help you solve this problem

Regarding this, i have a few questions

  1. What is the point of Write Line Activity in this process?
  2. Can I use For Each File In Folder Activity instead of For Each Activity?
  3. Also could you explain this condition for the IF statement? is very confusing to me


This paragraph is to check, if the file name matches the key in excel, and the value in excel is not a number, other than the value “-”
Let click on here to easier to view
and easier to understand


any updates on the first 2 question I asked as you answered my third question, thanks

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I got a important question, which part in the process does it check if the Key is regarding the name as there are also other instead of

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2.yes, you can try

You can see I extracted the file name and key as logic in the “If” activity.

Which part of the if make sures the key is e.g. instead of since both at the start is A1

also may i ask what is this and where is it in the process and what does it do in this process, thank you


You can see that the file name always ends with .docx, preceded by an uppercase letter and a number.
eg: 1.F- A1.docx
I will take the left side of it paragraph A1.docx, regardless of the rest, it will be the last 7 characters on the left

Next to take A1 out of A1.docx, I will take the rightmost one character

In Key, it ends <…A1>
You can see the 3 characters on the left are A1>, to take A1 out of A1> I took the 2 characters on the right

Do you find it easier to understand?

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“isTRue” variable to check if the “Output/Word” folder exists, similar to this morning’s question, why did you get an error when running the file already exists? I used this variable to check, if it exists, then delete that folder

May i also ask which part in the process does it check if the Key is regarding the name as there are also other instead of name E.g. , or even etc how does it only take A1 Name but not other A1.

that’s for example,
Here I take 2 key characters
Please read the above instructions carefully and note that A1 is an example only
Similar to A1, B1, C2,…etc

I do not understand .

for example this, why does it take “Tom” but not “af” even though both start with B2

my way
could you understand it, pls tell me if you don’t