How to exit from for loop

how to exit from for loop

Hi @Aditya10989

Use Break

The Break Activity

Hi @Aditya10989

If you using the ForEach(Row) Activity, Use Break Activity.
If not using For Activity (Ex.While etc), make condition for exit loop.

I try but I got error message activity only placed inside for each.
In one workflow I create for each and inside this I create another workflow where I am using break.where I getting this error message. @d_Jay

Exit Loop.xaml (6.6 KB)

In your case you only used one workflow.In my case I used two workflow.
In one workflow I create for loop and another one I used break.As mention in attachment.Untitled


In this case, the Break Activity is not working because not in For Each.

I think there are many solutions,
Hope it helps… (20.9 KB)

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thank you very much for your help

Hey are you available can I ask you one question


Sure :grinning:
What is it?

today I got strange issue on my application.ui element not found but application working
eg what I have done for Bot insert login and password for login for testing what i have done I commented password activity and then click on login as per browser throw the error password required.But my Bot inserting the data in website and even find all element I checked selector ie also validate true but browser in login page.
In short without find element application work fine.if you did not understand let me know I again try to explain you

Can I see your work-flow or error msg ? :slight_smile:

I am sending you screen shot may be got idea.Regarding workflow you can’t run because this run on server.

I understood a little bit on your situations.
Can you tell me What is your question exactly? I want to be help.

yes my question is how my application successfully working even if element not found.


First, Check your activity properties “Continue on error” Or “Continue on Exception” during Debugging.
I have met similar error, in my case, the problem is “Selector”.
Selector looks great, but have error and doing well…
I’m not sure, because I don’t know your work-flow in detail.
Check your work-flow in detail again, and debugging carefully with highlighting…

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thanks man

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