Issue with break activity under a For-Each loop

Hi There,

I am following through Practice 3 from the Foundation Level.

When i place a break activity inside a then section of If condition which itself is under a For-Each loop, even though the break activity seems to be inside the For-Each loop i am getting a validation exception as ‘Activity can only be placed inside a ForEach’. Could anyone help on this?

Apologize if this is not the correct place to post such question. I am new to UiPath.

Rammohan B.


You are in right place. No worries.

It will be helpful if you paste a screenshot/xaml to look into the problem. In the mean time, can you check deleting the activity and dropping it again ?

Dominic :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the response @Dominic

Strange. I tried deleting the activity and dropping it again but there was no success. However when i restarted the UIPath Studio the error no longer appears. Looks working fine now.

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Probably this

Thanks @vvaidya, That was helpful & informative. I would make sure next time to choose the one’s from Core. However just curious to know, why the incompatible one has not been removed from the activities yet.

Rammohan B.