My for each is not working is the break in the right place?

Main.xaml (13.3 KB)

The variable you have in the for each is not declared, I hope you posted only the part of workflow due to security constraints right :wink: ?

Yes, the break is in the correct position. Why you are using break there?

Post the error to have a quick look into the issue @seanp92

Yes that was the only part of the workflow. But the for-each is suppose to loop around since there is more to process. But it breaks instead.

The break statement will stop the loop once it executes @seanp92. If you want to stop at a particular index or if you want to stop when a name reaches, use If condition and use break inside

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Well the problem is that the bot breaks before actually going through all the information so its really not breaking at the right time

post the screenshot of the error please

it does not error out it just break at one spot

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You mean, without entering data, it is simply breaking the loop right @seanp92?

Please try to print the values before each type into activity.

—usually BREAK used inside a for each or for each row loop will get the process out of those loops no matter what and will continue with next set of activities along the sequence that is it will go to the next activity of for each or for each row loop
—now In your case kindly check once where the BREAK activity is used
—if we want to break only on certain condition use a IF activity and use condition and if gives out true then place the break with either THEN or ELSE part of if condition
And for this to know where it fails

Kindly run in debug mode and enable the highlight option in the execute tab of studio under options drop down
So that we could know the reason why it is getting out of loop

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @seanp92


If i put the break outside the loop and for each the for each row breaks after going through one line if i do continue does not help at all Testing Bulk Tickets.xaml (59.2 KB)

Can you check this please

As I understand, you do not have any activity to be done after the For Each loop block. So if you want nothing to be done if robot encounters an empty line, I suggest you leave it empty(no activities in Then block).
Use a Not condition in If block, shift all activities that are in the current Else block to the Then block and no activities in the Else block. This should do the job.

I dont really follow what you are saying

Try this modified wf.
Testing Bulk Tickets1.xaml (57.1 KB)