How to execute an action each time an activity of a sequence is completed without adding that same action after every element of the sequence

Hello. I have a sequence (seq1) of varied activities which i invoke from another sequence (seq2).
When seq2 is run and each of the activities in seq1 is executed and terminated, i want to take a screenshot of the window without adding a “take a screenshot” activity after each activity in seq1. Is this possible?

if it were code it should be like
For each [Activity] in [seq1]
If ActivityStatus = JustCompleted
TakeScreenshot //At the time the activity is terminated

Im planning to do this for the entire project so adding screenshot activities after each element of the sequence seems not optimal

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Hey @mo.carrasco,

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I guess, Without adding between activities is like not possible for now.

But UiPath Orchestrator has a feature for you in enterprise edition.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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