Comment out same type of activity all at once in entire workflow (take screenshot)


My current automation has well over 50 “take screenshot” activities in it. Is it possible to disable them all at once? I don’t want to do this manually.

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@Asanka, hey man.

I don’t know if this helps, but you can search activities used in your project by pressing Ctrl + F and type in “take screenshot” for example, all activities with matching name will show up and you can click on each of them and comment out. for the lack of a better solution, i think this will also help save your a few seconds of your time.

I’m wondering if its possible to use your solution but with a robot.

Would it be possible to capture everything in the search list and then use a for each to work through all of them to comment them out? I’ve never built a robot to automate uipath studio

I just wanted to follow up on this. I tried to build a robot that would search through a workflow and disable/enable the activities. However, I ran into issues.

I was able to search and navigate to the specific “take screenshot” activities but I am unable to actually enable/disable them. I am unable to right click the actual element that it has found and focused on.

Any ideas?

@Asanka, use the shortcut for disabling a workflow in UiPath Studio

Click the activity and send hotkey Ctrl + D and to enable use Ctrl + E

Hey @SenzoD,

Yes I actually tried this. However, when we use the find function it only highlights the activity but doesn’t actually activate (click it) so Ctrl D does not work.

I was able to get it to click it by using the click image activity. It works if all of the take screen shot activities are not disabled/disabled. However, it runs into issues if some of the activities are disabled and some are not.

Any other way you can think of that is more robust?

@Asanka, looking at all the effort you are putting in trying to get the bot to do this, sounds really unnecessary to me, its been well over 8 days already, i am sure if you had done this manually it wouldn’t even have taken you more than an hour just to disable about 50 activities.

I do not know what your reasons are, but its not worth it man, just do it manually.

Well the issue is all my workflows require these screenshots. I need them for audit purposes. So yes if i only had to do it for this process, I would have done that. However, I need to do it for every process.