How to ensure my Excel Table Refresh is completed before refreshing next table


I am using UiPath to refresh the tables in an Excel without Excel Macro. I have tried using send hotkey Alt+F5 to refresh each table in a specific sequence. My problem is I cannot figure out how to wait effectively for the refresh to complete before going to next table.

I cannot use Excel macro, these are not pivot tables and it is not a good solution for me to put ridiculous time delay. Any expert can advise?


you have to identify the element which is refreshing along with the table
you can use element exists activity to check whether refresh is completed or not.



During Excel table refresh, I cannot seem to find an element that is suitable because there may be new records after the refresh. During Excel refresh, the mouse icon changes though and the other change is the entire refresh table will appear selected. I have tried with the selector but cannot seem to find any noticeable changes in the css text.

Before refresh…

After refresh…