Can not refresh pivot table activities

I’m not sure what is the problem Maybe it’s bug or my wrong config

First I try to refresh pivot table in excel by refresh pivot table activities but the pivot is not refresh when it’s done.
I already recheck name of sheet and pivot name, It’s correct.

So I manual refresh in excel but it can refresh before I clicked.

Actually, I used refresh pivot table activities other excel and working. This problem happen in some excel file.

I have hard solution for work by use application activities to excel and click refresh or hotkey But I want to know the problem.

HI @chutima_techapitunsuk

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Hello @chutima_techapitunsuk
Try Refresh all by VBA code invoke activity in excel application scope
Kindly refer to this thread, you may get some idea.

Hi Mr. Gokul
Thank for advise me.
My solution that is use application activites to excel file and click activites at refresh all button. But my solution can’t specify time when refresh finish. So I had to set long time delay next activites.

Hello @chutima_techapitunsuk , Untill the excel refresh completed, the process will not move to next step while using the invoke VBA.

Hi @chutima_techapitunsuk

Try setting the excel properties to visible and then try the refresh pivot activity