Excel formula Refresh

I am looking for a solution to refresh excel sheet formulas after new values are inserted. We are not allowed to set formula recalculation to automatic.

The solution that I have designed is click on a cell and then sending hot key (shift +f9) to the cell which will refresh the sheet.
The problem now is the how to know the refresh is completed? The number of rows/value in cells before and after refresh might or might not change. Hence checking value is not reliable solution.

I need to perform another operation on the same sheet after refresh is completed.

Hey @pandeypriyanka1312 !! You can Refresh All Data in you excel!! Use a VBA code to do that.

Sub Workbook_RefreshAll()
End Sub

Then execute this VBA with UiPAth!

Hope it helps!

Hey @gabrielribas4 , I am looking for something without using macro VBA… For some security reason macros are not allowed.

Can you open your excel then send “CTRL+ALT+F5” ?