Can anyone please help me with Runbook template for Uipath process

Please Can anyone help me with Runbook template for UiPath process.


It contains following.Can create one with these details

  1. Breif about process
  2. Process SME Details
  3. Schedule Details
  4. Queues used
  5. Input files templates used for BOT
  6. Retry Mechanism Details in even of failure or rerun required
  7. Business and System Exceptions
  8. Frequently encountered issues


Hi @BReddy_m

You can also create your own custom templates for UiPath processes by following these steps:

• Create a new process or open an existing one in UiPath Studio.

• Configure the project settings, variables, arguments, dependencies and activities according to your needs.

• Save the project as a template by clicking File > Save As Template. You can choose a name and a description for your template.

• Your template will be saved in the %USERPROFILE%.nuget\packages folder with a .nupkg extension. You can also publish it to Orchestrator or another feed if you want to share it with others.

• To use your template, go to Home > New Project > Templates and select your template from the list. You can then customize it further as needed.


Can I get a template for this.?


Please check this

RunBook Template.docx (14.8 KB)


Thank you.

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Are you not looking for runbook template?

were you looking to know how to create a project/process template?


I am looking for Runbook template only.


But I see the solution you marked is different.So wanted to check on the same…

Happy Automation


Oh… due to my slow speed laptop overlookingly I marked the wrong solution. updated now.Thanks again…

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