How to dump temperatures in excel for each city

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I have one requirement-> in excel there are two coloumns city (bangalore,hyd,chennai…etc)and weather.I want to update the weather with new values from google values.How to do that .Please help me here.

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Yes. You can achieve this. Have you started designing the workflow? If not start using the below activities.

Open Browser → To Open the browser.
Type Into → To Enter the Search Keyword.
Click → To Click on Search button
Get Text → To get the temperate.

Build Data Table → To build a data table with 2 Columns City & Weather.
Add Data Row → Store the Values for the city & the output of get text to the row.

Now, Repeat the process from Search to Adding row for each of the city that you want the data for.

Excel Application Scope with Read Range → Store the DataTable to the specified excel file.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

I have done some part…stucking in between :frowning:weather.xaml (13.0 KB)

Hi! We also made a similar workflow with a difference that it took inputs from the user using an input box!
But saves all the data in an excel file…Make some changes and you are very well to go :slight_smile:
Dynamic Temperature Generator.xaml (50.7 KB)

hey @Rammohan91 ,if you have sample can you pls send me .that would be better way to help here

Here is the sample workflow: (24.1 KB)

Rammohan B.

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Hi @rpadev - Try this one also (16.1 KB)

This process will do following steps -
1.Getting the live temperature by city
2.Based upon the temperature it will fill up the cell color(if temp>29 then red else green)
3.Drawing the Pie chart based upon available data.


How should be flow if city names are column headers and also we want to extract other details like precipitation/humidity for 7 consecutive days for each city.
Is it possible ?

Places Hyderabad Bengaluru Chennai Mumbai Delhi Kolkata

How I can record the temperature on daily basis in the same excel (date wise)