Read Excel Data, Search for data, Scrape the data, Write the scraped data back to Excel


I just wanted to try out to get the city information from excel file and search for the weather of all cities in google and write it into specified weather column of the city in same excel file.Weather.xlsx (7.9 KB)
But before writing the data back to excel, it should ask the user whether the temperature should be depicted in celsius or farenheit.


@NiranjanKN You can use an Input Dialog Box Activity to Ask the User to Input his Choice ? Using Options Property in it, Then Based on that Output you can perform Operation you need

Can you share me a xaml file as to how the entire process can be done.

Thank you.

@NiranjanKN The Whole process or Just Demo Input Dialog Box Activity ? :sweat_smile:

I’m able to do this Weather.xaml (11.5 KB) but the weather is depicted in a wrong format. Weather.xlsx (8.4 KB). I’m unable to know the reason.


@NiranjanKN Check this Workflow :
I have used Google Chrome as the Browser but the Logic is same
Weather_from_Excel.xaml (19.0 KB)


Thanks for the help. But, I just wanna know why I’m getting wrong values in excel Weather.xlsx (8.4 KB) by using this xaml file.Weather.xaml (15.4 KB)

@NiranjanKN Your Selector for the Get Text Activity is not proper, You need to Correctly Indicate only the Number part of Temperature

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