Combination of for each and Recording

I would like to automate the following workflow.

① Read all rows of Excel like attached file.(using Excel activity)
② Insert only the character of Culumn “city” into the variable
③ Search for variable of city with Google(using Recording function)
④ Loop ② and ③ above by the number of rows(using for each activity)

In the automation flow I made, Recording does not work.
How can we solve it?

Thank you.



send your excel file and workflow

Can you send your workflow and xlsx file …


@Poovarasan2 @Ajithkumar_P
This is Excel file and workflow!
I erased the data as appropriate.
Thank you.
data.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Main.xaml (30.2 KB)

hi, @takefumi.s
file.xaml (14.2 KB)
Refer the above Workflow and change for your need…

Use the above Xaml File.
It is usefull to achieve your issue
By using your Excel file data


Thank you for reply…
I would not like to open browser for each loop.
I want to search all cities with one browser.

If you do not mind, please solve this problem based on the above.

You game me a nice hint…
If I use pick branch activity, I do well.

Thank you.

In The For Each Row, Use Close Application Activity to indicate the browser Application…
Once the city was searched and automatically close the Browser and then Starts with new…
It will avoid to open multiple Browser while Executing…

Open the browser and redirected to Google Page, Outside the For Each Row
And Search by using city name and then Press “Alt+Left Arrow” it will automatically redirected to Google Page and then Enter the Second Value automatically based on the For Each Row


Thank you!
I solved this issue thanks to you.

If there is something again, thank you.

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