Need to read sheets in a excel


I have an excel as an attachment,i want to get the results in to the particular sheets when the loop run.
here i have a variable called city based on city name i want to execute the excel application scope and copy the results in to the particular sheet.

so if i have 4 cities the data should run for all the cities and store the results of particular city to a sheet.

here i should get data in to four different sheets(sheets names be --mumbai .kolkata,delhi,chennai)

Ikjkjkj.xlsx (9.4 KB) n the attachment first sheet data i want to copy to the corresponding sheets depending up on the input given.

sorry for the inconvience.

while using the write range or write cell activity we need to mention the sheetname, there we can mention the sheetname based on the condition you want
–as you have the variable named city which actually implies the sheet name, we can mention that in the sheetname property as input when we are processing for that city

Cheers @Karthik_Kulkarni

Actually city name is taking from other excel, so gave as (row(“city”).ToString) as input.

And also in sheet name where am going to copy can i give as (row(“city”).ToString)???

if we are getting this inside the for each row loop then
thats correct

Cheers @Karthik_Kulkarni

do a for each reading from the city column do a filter or group by based on the city name and pass the row name you read in the write range. you should be able to achieve this.

Hi Karthik,

You can create new sheets with write range activity and in the datatable field you can put “new Datatable” for sheet to be created and for name of the sheet it should be string.

If you want to copy the sheet you can use copy sheet activity. I hope that works.


Can you check my file and let me knowdelimetrrs.xaml (36.9 KB)

In this the loop is running for all the cities but it is not excuting the excel application scope

or atleast help me can i pass a variable to a sheet name.

because in the copy range activity the destination sheet i need to pass as a variable.

I gave as row(“city”).ToString which is not working throwing an error as copy range actvity does not work.

Hi Karthik,

In write range activity we use range like “G2:G8” but in the write cell we have to put the cell address like “G2”. You have mentioned “G2:G8” in write cell address it should be like “G2” only.
Please rectify this and then try to run the code.

Thank you each and everyone!!!

Issue got resolved