How to due with the security pop up? Need urgent help

I’m working on this website’s automation, and this is the logon page. Logon requires an Ukey which connect to the laptop. Once input the user name, website password, and verification code to the page, then press the logon button, the Ukey logon is activate, then pop up a box requires the pin code of the Ukey. However, Uipath cannot be used as all screen has been blocked until you input the Ukey pin code, including the taskbar. Have you ever seen this kind of security pages and how to automate it? kindly give me some advice. Thanks a lot!

Hello there,
Saw similar post where screen gets locked including task bar and the background application hence UiPathStudio has no control on the prompter window.
Any updates @ovi


Unfortunately for the moment there is no solution for the recorder to “bypass” the security pop-up(like the UAC window).
Like in the other post, my suggestion would be to try with Click Text without selector(or generate key strokes hoping that they would reach that pop-up/box).