How to drop down click?

I would like to click save as as the second picture … How do i??

Hi @hanbyeol

Few steps you follow are below.

  1. First use a click activity to click on the down arrow
  2. Use another click activity. Click on indicate element on screen. Now you will go to the select element option where things get highlighted.
  3. To get the sub menu of the drop down, while on select element view, press F2 key. This will temporarily allow you to prepare the interface and will give you a 5 seconds time to do it. You will see the counter on the bottom right. So press F2 and quickly click on the down arrow to get the menu up where you have the save as option. Once it’s up, wait for the counter to finish and automatically activate the select element option where you were before.
  4. Now you have the dropdown menu visible and you also have the select element option enabled.
  5. Now click on the save as option.

That will work :slight_smile:


Hey @hanbyeol,

Have you tried select Item activity?if not then please give it a try.

Oh I could do it!! I am very grateful for your kind explanation. <3

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I was looking for a way to ‘indicate on screen’ And it was solved. Thank you for your reply!


Cool… Glad to hear its resolved. Please also mark the appropriate answer as the solution too :slight_smile:

Hi hanbyeol

Use select item activity for the drop down hope it helps!:smiley:

Thanks for the help. I am also facing the same problem. After pressing F2 to prepare the interface, the menu closes when waiting period is over. How to resolve this?

I want to click logout in the hamburger menu which opens on hovering an icon. This hamburger closes when 5 minutes waiting period is over.

This is the most useful tip on the topic, ever! Thank you!