How do i make the bot click a dropdown?

I want my Bot to select a dropdown, eg. for Excel, File>save as. Is there any way i can achieve this?

Did you try using multiple ‘Click’ Activities? Each one indicating on the respective option like File, Save As etc.

Rammohan B.

The problem is that i cannot see the options of the drop down menu after the first click

I think i understood your problem. So you are saying that the menu popup option to select ‘Save As’ disappears when try to ‘Indicate on Screen’ for this option?

After clicking on ‘Indicate on Screen’ for the click activity, Press F2 key. This gives you 3 seconds to manually go and Click on the ‘File’ option to open that popup. Keep the popup open and let the wait timer end. This will not hide the menu option and will let you select the option you want to select i.e. Save As.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


Thank you!

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