How to downoad a file from a web page

Hi i want to download a file from a web page and save at a particular location.

Can anyone please help me

Hi @VishalN

If you can get the URL of target file, I recommend that you try to use the below activity, it is very easy to implement what you want.


i am using the 2018.4.4 version of uipath

Can’t you just click in the link using click activities?

May I know how that will be done manually
Because if it gets downloaded with just a click then we can replicate the same with uipath as well
Isn’t it

And to save the file at desired location we can mention the input like this in TYPE INTO activity while we type in the save as window
Cheers @VishalN

manually, click on the details link from list. This is already done on my end and I save the link from the details page. Then, click on 3 dots on bottom right menu of the video control. Then options come up. Select download and then the save dialog comes up.