How to download the Process Packages from orchestrator using API


I want to download packages from orchestrator. how do i download it using API?
is there a way that i can download it without using API?

Kindly help me to resolve this issue

@sneha_arbole1 Orchestrator API To Download A Package

can i not download the packages directly without giving the package version?

Hi @sneha_arbole1

Go to orchestrator β†’ tenants β†’ packages

and from there you can directly download the package you need


I want to automate it. can you suggest me how can i do it?


Then you need to use api only and you have to give the required version as well

this will give you how api json should be



Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

Tried with this thread but i am getting error as unauthorized.

Hi @sneha_arbole1

Use swagger to check what inputs it need and how you have to provide them and then use orchestrator http request to get your call done.

Steps to get swagger are present in the previous comment


@sneha_arbole1 Screenshot, please

I am not able to access the swagger

Hi @sneha_arbole1

Which orchestrator are you using cloud or on prem?

You have to append the swagger/index.html to your orchestrator url…if you use it directly as what i pasted above it would not work


I am using Cloud Orchestrator

Hi @sneha_arbole1

Then the end point looks like this{organization_ID}/{tenant_name}/orchestrator_/swagger/index.html

To get org id and tenant name follow the below

Admin β†’ select tenant under tenants β†’ srvices β†’ under orchestrator click show more options(3dots) β†’ select api access β†’ you will have information here

Appended that in above url and use it


What do i have to pass in the folderid?


When you open the orchestrator and when you are on the required folder in the url you will see the fid


I am getting the sign in error.

Hi @sneha_arbole1

You have to authorize first.

Navigate to

Admin β†’ External Applications β†’ Add new Application β†’ Give a name(Swagger) β†’ Add Scopes β†’ Select Orchestrator API From drop down (Add all Application scopes)

Save it then you will get appid and app secret in a pop up…
Copy the app secret

Go to swagger file click on Authorize and paste the app secret in client secret field

then you can use api cals


Thanks @Anil_G I was able to get the client secret
I’m trying to generate token in UiPath using BaseURL/[OrgName]/[TenantName]/api/account/authenticate but it says invalid credentials in response. wherein the credentials are correct


From where are you trying?

Aren’t you using the swagger file for checking?

Or in studio are you not using orchestrator http request?

Or are you trying from postman?


I am trying with HTTP Request activity